More Kansas City Murder Deets: Security Guard Killed Early This Morning

Additional background on KCMO murder #127 as local violence continues to impact the working-class. Take a look:

Security guard shot to death in car Sunday morning in KCMO

A man discovered dead in a car is the latest Kansas City homicide.


  1. shouldn't be selling/buying dope as Security Guard

  2. The blacks have ruined everything.

    Just wait till Christmas, I’m predicting five murders

  3. @ 6:53........... "5" murders??? Just think about all of the children that will become fatherless...... Oh, wait, black inner city fathers are a rarity.. My bad..... Geesh..............

  4. Just another day in the 816

  5. I think she meant to say, what kind of town do we live in that you cant go to work without being shot.

  6. We live in a world where blacks can go into the white burbs and live peacefully but this was a white man in a black area so they killed him. I don't see how people like sly James Beyonce and jz can sleep at night they are part of the cause. They kill cops. This makes me sick to hear about a great kid getting killed by a worthless probably black. We need to get them out of here.

  7. More

  8. #900 under the Slie regime. That is an average of 112.5 per year or 1 murder every 3.26 days and the killing is not over for Slie's regime. Slie must have trouble sleeping at night knowing that every 3.26 days another person will be killed while he is the one in charge. Since this has nothing to do with his downtown utopia the murder rate is on the back burner.


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