Money Can't Buy Missouri Love?!?!?

Or maybe it's because this lady politico was running Hillary Clinton's playbook and didn't make many appearances in her own campaign adverts. Also, slamming the Democratic Party a week out from the biggest "blue wave" vote in the past 20 years might have hurt her cause as well . . . Nevertheless, here's progressive media continuing to blame everybody else for the horrible decisions and leadership of Claire McCaskill. Checkit:

Missouri Senate race highlights the limited power of money

Money wasn't everything when it came to Missouri's nationally watched U.S. Senate contest. Republican Josh Hawley is the state's first Senate winner in decades to be dramatically outspent by the rival he defeated. And the Democrat who lost, two-term incumbent Claire McCaskill, set a huge fundraising and spending record in the state.


  1. Who in Missouri actually LIKED Claire? You are correct, a politician cannot ve successful by campaigning against his or her base.


  2. Hillary outspent Trump!

    O'Rourke outspent Cruz!

    McCaskill outspent Hawley!

    What's that tell you?? Their money didn't talk this time!


  3. ^^Who really cares old dude? This is politics...both parties are crooked as fuck and neither give a shit about mouth-breathing retards like you!

  4. Veterans in Missouri were one group that liked Claire!
    She was always always deeply involved and concerned with the issues that matter to veterans, and did everything she could to fight the hidden cuts in services to vets that have been happening over the past two years.

    Hawley, on the other hand, has never done anything for anyone but Hawley. At least he won't be in the Senate for long, now that he's going back home to Washington, he'll start looking for some position there on the day after he takes the Oath Of Office, and resign his Senatorial Seat as soon as possible so he won't be forced to associate with Missouri or Missourians any longer.


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