Missouri And Kansas Love Cancer?!?!

Right now we share this quick look at one of the many manifestations of the fading American healthcare system and now the profit motive prevents people from understanding real health threats that dominate the marketplace. This isn't free will or liberty in action, it's the result of biz suppressing the deadly impact of a product that generates billions from the medical industry to the corner store . . . Checkit:

Missouri and Kansas among worst smoking-prevention states

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new study finds that Missouri and Kansas are among the worst states in using tobacco settlement proceeds to prevent smoking, despite recommendations from federal health officials. The Kansas City Star reports that Missouri allotted $48,500 in its current fiscal year for tobacco prevention programs, even though it received $259 million in tobacco taxes and from tobacco companies.


  1. at what do young men start having annual male wellness exams to check for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV etc?

  2. age- 10, 11, 12 or 13 sounds like it'd be appropriate but i think they wait until they knowingly get someone pregnant.

  3. .... and the gynecologist makes them

  4. Try living in New York or L.A.

    You don't even need to smoke.

  5. Need to think like that 102 veteran who explained his longevity was due to his enjoyment of whisky and cigars.

  6. Bet the old geezer went to regular doctor appointments, had a VA Pension and never slept rough under a bridge. That said, if I were in a situation where I had nothing to fall back on I would smoke 3 packs a day. Good way to out quit. You get the death rattle go in and get an x ray and head for hospice.


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