Local Catholics Plan Pro-Life Push 2019

Background info from this faith community hopes to end one of the most horrific medical practices of the modern era with increased advocacy, alternatives and work on legislation that would prohibit one of the greatest slaughters in recorded human history. Read more:

New pro-life leader will set the pace

by Joe Bollig joe.bollig@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Now more than ever, the pro-life ministries of the Archdiocese of Kansas City will set the pace for the rest of the nation. That's because Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has become the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Pro-Life Activities.


  1. Good for the Catholics. We need to stop the murder of innocent babies. To those of you who support abortion ,you need to watch one and listen to what doctors say about it. It's a gruesome act of murder. Anyone who thinks different is a sociopath.

  2. Yup, gotta keep cranking out all them good little Catholic boys and girls- gotta keep all the Priests happy!

  3. Do you say the same thing about the Protestants, Baptist’s, mooslims and even the rapey teachers in the world?

  4. Every person I know who has paid for an abortion is Catholic. I have a Catholic fraternity brother that paid for three, yes three, abortions with the same girl. No organization has a longer or dirtier history of crime and corruption than the Catholic Church. Every election they vote for the candidates that say they're going to do something about abortion then once elected those same candidates do absolutely nothing about abortion. Again. Catholics continue to fall for the same old lies from the same old party yet continue to support them. Must not be too intelligent.

  5. Well the priests should probably pull their dicks out of the children first before they take on any other heavy issues. It sort of renders everything they say hypocritical.

  6. 7:14 begins her argument with an ad hominem attack, "everybody who disagrees with me is bad," if that simplifies it even for her. Fact: Nobody favors infanticide. The real argument around abortion is around personhood of a developing zygote, later fetus. If you believe it is a person when it is simply 2 conjoined cells, then you cannot be reasoned with and by your own logic miscarriage is manslaughter. But in the case of the Catholic church, it must be recalled always that it opposes ALL birth control. Countries that do not practice birth control wind up exporting their excess parasites to other countries' borders. Build the wall! Use contraception! I challenge the church to do the ONE thing that will end abortion: distribute birth control.

  7. give all boys vasectomies, initiative and $$ to reverse it. Overall cheaper. more effective, practical, less time consuming, better for women's health than am IUD to strip uterine of it's lining administering artificial hormones and turning women into hormonal zombies or dinocrackers who talk in soft whispers.

  8. ......Of course we know who is the biggest abortionist is.....
    It's your god......."he" is the one that allows life to start, right?
    That's what the RCC taught me..........
    And then there's the birth defects.........miscarriages aren't enough.......
    Stillbirths are another trick god likes to play..........
    All this because a woman bit into an apple......
    But with science and rational thinking we're putting an end to god and all it's loving gifts.........
    T here
    I s
    N o
    G od

  9. Don't know if God exists or not, but a quick look around at what's going on in this World gives four logical possibilities...
    God is non-existent
    God is Powerless
    God is Disinterested
    God is a Sadist.

    Take your pick, then take your chances.

  10. Catholic annual March of the Pediophiles.

  11. 45 years of broken promises and the still manage to run their con.

    2 more "conservative" SCOTUS picks in the last 2 years and still nothing has changed.

    Kavanaugh already rejected a planned parenthood case on the Supreme Court that would have defunded them. Stabbed in the back again.

    The court isn't reversing Roe. Not that it matters. Even a reversal wouldn't outlaw abortion.

    Pro-life politics is the biggest conjob of the last half century.


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