LGBT Revolution In Kansas?!?!

The aftermath of the "blue wave" continues in the Sunflower State as a new generation of elected officials tout historic change in representation along with shifting attitudes regarding a community that was marginalized but now is certainly part of the ruling mainstream.

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In conservative Kansas, newly elected gay legislators try to make history

December 29 at 7:34 PM Protesters lined up outside, holding signs of condemnation. One read "God still hates fags." A businessman warned that Christianity would be abolished in this Kansas City suburb if the city council were to officially protect the gay community from discrimination.


  1. Washington Post is hurting for writers if this is their new standard.

  2. Another hit piece from a reporter who's probably only seen the state from 35,000 feet and published by an out of state leftist media organization.

  3. Being a homosexual is great if you like sucking dick or getting buttfucked

  4. There will be no LGBT revolution in Kansas. It is just a very minor, vocal community propped up by the msm. People in Kansas west of Jonson county are still very traditional family oriented.

  5. Little known fact:
    Susan Ruiz, the lesbian Democrat social worker, defeated Linda Gallagher, a somewhat mousey Republican who did lots for foster care, etc. But Gallagher was TOO moderate for many R's. She and Ruiz agreed on 90% of all issues.

    Eight mailers were sent targetted just to R. voters in Gallagher's district, paid not by D's but AFP. the Americans for Prosperity, a project funded by the Koch Brothers empire of libertarians. Who want LESS GOVERNMENT.

    Their strategy was--take out a weak moderate Republican in Joco, for just 2 years. Then run a hard right Conservative Republican and take back that seat.

    So Ruiz may think she won, only with support from some emerging liberal left. She didn't.

    As for Sharice Davids, she is an 3-fold affirmative action puppet. That's how she got into Cornell as well as White House Fellows. Woman, Indian, Lesbian. Check, check and check. Likely with a brain injury. Bought and paid for by Pelosi and Soros. She will fail, like she has at everything else she's ever tried. Boxing without a helmet for 12 years and winning only one of two fights.
    Lawyering. Podcasting/motivational speaking. Coaching entrepreneurs. Starting a business. Repaying a $20,000 loan with her personal signature.

    The left may prop her up one more time, for the 2020 election, but when it comes her turn to dial for dollars on her own,(15 hours a week), she will fold and fail like she did in the MMA. Her only hope is to make it through two terms, so she will have her Congressional salary for life. She knows no one, can't speak without stammering, and will not make it as a lobbyist...since she can't even defend what she says she is for for even a week. She is NO Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  6. ^^^^^^ Tracy your comments make you look like an idiot. Your misinformed, misguided and unbalanced in your opinion. You don't know what you're talking about and you are lying to people. Be gone!

  7. I thought they had to be in congress 12 Years to get a pension


  8. God doesn't hate fags. What God hates is the acts of fags. There's a difference. Same sex people having sex is an abomination. Read your Bibles. If you don't like or don't believe in the Bible then suffer the consequences. You can also go to the seminar in Springfield Missouri where gays are going to be talking about how they changed their lives around.

  9. Notice how 2;36, an anonymous coward, has no actual facts or response to me. Just bullying.

    That's what you get when a puppet is put into office, the Manchurian Candidate, who gave away their precious staff positions not to people who know what they are doing, but to someone who put up yard signs for Nancy Pelosi-bought pigeons.

    Sharice is not smart. Period. this will become embarrasingly the case as we progress. She claimed she was for HB 676 before she was against it. She claimed she was for "change", but of course supported Pelosi for Speaker. Cuz that's who financed her election.

    She said she wants to "abolish ICE". Well, guess what. She knows she cannot.

    Gonna be a long two years. Joco got snookered.

  10. I've got 3 inches of anonymous I'd love to share12/30/18, 8:26 PM

    ^^^ How would you know Tracy. You have not been snookered in years. If I'm lying then please post some pictures!


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