Latest List Of Allegations Against Predator Priests Tarnish Rockhurst Legacy

This Catholic institution is respected across the metro for its educational and sports achievements. Sadly, part of that reputation now includes a significant concentration of priests accused of misdeeds per a recent Catholic confessional:

Six former priests with ties to Rockhurst accused of child sex abuse - Dos Mundos Bilingual Newspaper

By Angie Baldelomar The names of six Catholic priests and brothers with connections to Rockhurst High School and Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, appeared on a list of Jesuits with "credible accusations" of sexually abusing minors. On Dec. 7, a list issued by the Jesuits' U.S.


  1. DISGUSTING. How can a church that is against homosexuality be so protective of it among their priests?

  2. Hey, don't knock The Rock.

    1. Apparently Rockhurst kiddos were knocking around the rock in the priests pants.

  3. Satanic behavior. Why is homosexuality practiced by priests bad, but celebrated everywhere else?

  4. You really want to know why pedophilia is bad? We should meetup?

  5. 200 sex offenders working in nursing homes. What a shame, probably more important.

  6. The 200 sex offenders in nursing homes were residents. There is no law in Missouri or Kansas regarding letting potential residents know you have these pervs in your facility as staff or residents. Watch out granny.


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