Saturday, December 08, 2018


End of the line and what might be hope to late for this hometown hero who hasn't quite lived up to expectations.


Kansas City Royals consider Bubba Starling part of center field picture

It is easy to say that Bubba Starling has been a disappointment since being drafted with the fifth overall selection in the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft by the Kansas City Royals. He struggled when able to take his spot on the diamond, but was hampered by injuries.


Anonymous said...

They should try him out as a pitcher. He'll never be able to hit major league pitching.

Anonymous said...

Where do all the crazy 6AMers go at 8AM

Anonymous said...

^^^ to work. I can't get on this site at work, they have it blocked

Anonymous said...

I just read headlines.
Bubba has been at the end of the road since Monica Lewinsky. He looked old and haggard at Bush’s funeral.

Anonymous said...

Waste not another single dollar on this player. No longer a prospect.