La Migra Takes A Long Time In Kansas City

A lot of Kansas City residents wondered by prof. Syed Jamal's case will take years to decide.

Due process and human rights require a waiting period that doesn't jibe with political slogans. Credit where it's due, this is an exceptional report from the newspaper on immigration reality that offers facts and 1st person testimony rather than partisan hype. Checkit:

U.S. deportation cases can take up to 1,000 days to process | The Kansas City Star

As of late September, an average delay of 718 days marked the time between initiating deportation proceedings and a closing a case. The Trump administration now expects judges to close 700 cases per year.


  1. The system is DESIGNED to take a while. Remember, before Trump, the Crony Capitalist Establishment Republicans wanting cheap labor, and the corrupt Democrats wanting to enlarge their voter base were aligned to do nothing but lip service about illegal immigration. The immigration court system is a reflection of this.

    Even after a judge has set a hearing date for 7 months from the time of arrest, the illegal immigrant just disappears. The court just extends his case, even though he no showed. Try that in criminal court if you are not Hispanic anywhere else. The judge would issue a bench warrant immediately.

    Just look at the case of Syed Jamal. If Trump had not been elected, Jamal would have continued thumbing his nose at the system. But now this scofflaw is a martyr, when everything he did is HIS FAULT.

    Here is what can be done to fix the problem. Video arraignments. Make sure illegals are arraigned within 24 hours of arrest. Speedy rulings. Rule on these cases while we still have them in custody. Fines. Start jacking up the fines on people who miss court dates or overstay their stay. And of course more courts. If I were Trump, I would hire some more court personnel and get rid of the backlog.

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