Kris Kobach Shares Caravan Conspiracy

An interesting theory form a guy who couldn't beat a granny in Kansas. Checkit:

Kris Kobach: Understanding the Caravan -- the Map Says It All

In this case, the picture is the map below. The blue path is the one that the migrants took to the San Ysidro Port of Entry at Tijuana/San Diego, CA. The red path is the one that they could have taken to the Hidalgo Port of Entry at Reynosa/McAllen, TX.


  1. Conspiracy? Really Tony? Pretty clear why they are heading to that part of the border. There are groups down there advising them, and they know the 9th circuit will protect them in any case. This is an invasion and needs to be stopped. If the Mexican government won't do anything it is time for the US Army to do the job.

  2. The conspiracy was Kobach saying their funding comes from Soros or whoever.

    Grow up Cee Bee.

  3. Kobach's right, end of discussion.

  4. Cede Bee is a retard.


  5. We all know this was set up by the democrats and funded by George Soros. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool! If these people truly needed help and their country is so bad why are they waving their flag??? That's because this is an invasion brought to you by the democrats nothing else.

    Trump is a great threat to the democrats and RINO's who want globalism. Thank GOD Trump has the guts to stand up to these people.

    Like the person @7:08 who says Soros or whoever. Whoever is the key word here 7:08 has no clue!!!!

  6. You damn fools!
    If they had taken the path Kobach outlined, they'd have wound up in Texas!
    No sane person would do that!
    Obviously you have no idea how freaking weird "Baja Oklahoma" actually is!
    To give you a clue, it's full of Texans!
    Enough said?

  7. Crazyfornia welcomes the "illegals" invasion. Texas, not so much.

    Brown, et al, licks their asses, but Abbot, y'all know, kicks their asses!

    Increasingly, "legals" in both U.S. states (and 48 others) are against the fraudsters' invasions.

  8. @9:44 congratulations! You win today's prize for Dumbest Post on TKC


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