Kobach Side Hustle Stays Winning $100K

A glimpse at the payday for the Kansas political loser who couldn't beat a granny but still manages to take home big bucks from a struggling small town. Take a look:

Fremont to continue paying Kris Kobach $10,000 per year to defend immigration ordinance

Fremont, Nebraska, will continue paying former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach at least $10,000 a year to defend its immigration ordinance, even though the last legal challenge to the rule ended in 2014. Fremont's City Council unanimously approved its annual agreement with Kobach on Tuesday.


  1. After reading this story, Sly James immediately announced his intention to move to Fremont, Nebraska the day after he leaves office!

  2. Yeah. Thousands of Mexicans are crossing the border and heading straight for Freemont, Nebraska. Thank got they've got Krazy Kris between them and Brown Hordes.

  3. We are being invaded! The hoardes are moving to Kansas! They're taking our jobs!!! The are contagious!


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