KCPS Stays Losing Despite New Tech

Faulty software ruins another new effort launched by this town's embattled partially accredited school district. Read more:

Software Glitch Frustrates Parents Trying To Enroll Children In Kansas City Public Schools

A software glitch in the Kansas City Public Schools online application made it hard for some families to enroll Tuesday. Because the district fills seats at its signature schools in the order applications are received, some parents were online at 6 a.m. when the application opened to ensure their child would get into a preferred school next year.


  1. "Juanita, whose last name KCUR is not using because she is undocumented, was one of those parents."

    Illegals receiving benefits ahead of citizens.

  2. Everything else in KCMO is failing so the KCPS software might as well join the crowd.


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