KCMO Mayor Sly Earns Lame Duck Lesson

Once again the math FAILS to work out for this politico on his way out the door and unable to find common ground with public schools over the prospect of regressive taxes on families and neighborhoods.

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KC school district won't support mayor's pre-K sales tax | The Kansas City Star


  1. They already have 18 pre k and early childhood programs, they know this is a scam and don’t wont to go to jail over any of his Ponzi schemes


  3. Criminal. Enriched the rich at the expense of the poor, all these years. Next one can't wait to collect her bribes for airport, sports, empty luxury apartments for the rich who won't come, hotels for the tourists who won't really ride the toy train to nowhere.... on and on.

  4. It appears that this was nothing more than a scheme by James and the City Manager to create another shush fund revenue stream.
    A significant majority of the Pet projects these guys fund would not be supported by the general KCMO population in a vote.

  5. Its all about the process. James need the oversight committee to make this work. The oversight will skim 20 % off the top of the tax dollars which were suppose to go to the kids.

  6. It seems like James has been here for 20 years.

    1. Kinda like a shitstain in the underwear of society.

  7. Jeff Bezos has created a $2 billion fund to build schools in poor neighborhoods and fund pre-K programs. The way Slie and the clowncil likes freebies it is disappointing they are not attempting to get on this bandwagon.

    This would be a win-win for the taxpayers and the schools.

    Better yet Slie and the clowncil have no business trying to manage the schools. They need to leave that to the people in charge of the schools.

    5:49 AM and 7:31 AM are correct about this scheme.

  8. As soon as the next Mayor and Council cancel the destruction of KCI, "Sly James Legacy" becomes nothing more than an empty City Cashbox.

  9. Slie and Troy cant run the things the City is supposed to do: public safety, streets, sidewalks, water & sewer etc., etc.!!!

    Why would we give them $32 Million a year to do something they have no business being involved in????

  10. "Research shows such programs can improve the life prospects of children by better preparing them for kindergarten." What do you suppose the chances are that the person who wrote this story actually took the time to investigate whether this was true, or even makes sense? Slim to none? Pre-K might help kids read better by the time they enter kindergarten, but it does not follow that kindergarten entry reading skills improves their life prospects. Most likely, just like the Head Start program, gains from an expensive program are small and disappear within a few years. The writer is just parroting somebody else's talking points. Incompetence, dishonesty, or some of both?

  11. ^^That's the story of your life!

  12. Sly's bizarre plan would create a quasi-private group that provides a life-time career for Sly to mismanage millions for his benefit and his crooked cronies. Cushy jobs for his copro, geezer-hating trolls.


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