KCK Prosecutor Dupree Confronts Controversy Over Cop Killer Sentence

Credit where it's due, he's facing the outcry of his critics in a public forum in no uncertain terms . . . Possibly the best KC interview today. Checkit:

Dupree explains decision behind KCKPD captain's killer's sentencing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years. That's the sentence given to Jamaal Lewis. Lewis pleaded guilty to killing KCK Police Captain Robert "Dave" Melton in 2016. But that sentence didn't sit well with Melton's family.


  1. How did this clown ever get elected in Wyandotte? I know it’s a shithole and all and white people are a minority but they run a pretty corrupt political machine there that could have kept him out had they not been complacent.

  2. Lying piece of shit.


  3. This is strictly a black issue plain and simple! Racism at it's worst, and you can bet he will be out in less than 10! Bull with the no chance of parole for 25 yrs.

  4. What happens to white people that murder a cop? I garauntee it won’t be a light sentence like this murdererous black got. This guy is an embarrassment, another petersucker failure

  5. ^^What do you think happens shit-for-brains? God, why are old people such idiots!


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