KCK Deadly Crash Report: UG Dump Truck Collides With Teens In SUV

Tragic collision report from the mid-morning. 1 teen died after being ejected from car, 3 others injured Read more:

KCK police working fatality accident involving 4 teens

The Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department continues to work a fatality accident involving four teens and a dump truck at 40th Street and Wyandotte Avenue, according to Police Chief Terry Zeigler. According to police, four juveniles were in the vehicle: two male and two female.


  1. Poor kids, looks like they hit a parked truck, speed kills

  2. Makes one wonder how they all could miss seeing a dump truck. They all were probably texting.

  3. ^^No loser, it only makes you wonder because you're pathetic and don't have anything else to do!

  4. "...you're pathetic and don't have anything else to do!" That's called projection. Have your psychiatrist explain it to you in your next session.

  5. Speed kills. So does not wearing your seat belts. R.I.P young man but you were still a bonehead.


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