Kansas Turning Purple?!?! Senator Pat Roberts Next Target For Democratic Party

A preview and struggling national media being used as a presser outlet for a very powerful dude who wants to take his game back to the beltway via the blue wave trend. Checkit:

Barry Grissom weighs Senate run against Roberts in Kansas | McClatchy Washington Bureau


  1. "Kansas serial killer Richard Grissom loses prison appeal"


  2. Richard and Barry are different Grissom's. One is a killer and one is a lawyer, so not really that much different.
    I would not vote to replace one old guy with another old guy. Maybe Yoder will run for that seat, I'd vote for him. Pat Roberts is a quality guy and if you ever have met him you like him. I do think he has been a good Senator but I don't want him to run for re-election. If it came down to Roberts vs. Grissom, I'd vote Roberts.

  3. Federal Prosecutors and NOT concerned with helping YOU! Fucking with you, yes, but not helping you.

  4. I will only vote for a rug-munching tranny with three tits and implanted balls, to run for that seat.

  5. OK @ 127. I'll send you the form to sign up for that seat.

  6. Pat Roberts is a old geezer that has not lived in Kansas for 20 years. Time to give him the Kevin Yoder.......boot.

    Grissom for US Senate makes sense. Fuck anything Republican.

  7. @425 - OK, Hey everybody 425's mom is a republican. Party in the back at her house! Don't mind the unemployed kid in the basement.


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