Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Kansas Politico Talks American Isolationism

Reader suggested news link as many local denizens don't agree with this "America First" approach to foreign policy from a former Sunflower State elected official now within the Prez Trump administration. Take a look:

Pompeo Questions the Value of International Groups Like U.N. and E.U.

BRUSSELS - In a major speech on Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to explain one of the abiding conundrums of the Trump administration: How does a nationalist lead on the international stage? The answer, he said, is to jettison some treaties and institutions while bolstering others.


Anonymous said...

" The greatest thing about this country is the Atlantic Ocean " Thomas Jefferson

Quinton Tellis said...

The EU is well on it's way to collapsing. The UN has a population replacement plan for all White Countries. This is not a neo-nazi conspiracy theory, it is an actual plan. Fuck them both.

Anonymous said...

Germany will rise again.
Read history. Germans will not take this influx of immigrants forever.
It will just take one spark from the right charismatic leader at the right time.

And yes, I agree. The EU is collapsing.