Kansas Political Consequences For Threatening Song Against Granny Guv?!?

This songbird might soon be a a jailbird if authorities don't take his sophomoric political advocacy with a grain of salt. Here's the sitch and realization that keyboard tough guy routines don't work in real life. Take a look:

#TopCity What? Should man who sang of Laura Kelly's death be arrested?

A potential criminal threat involving a man who sang of Gov.-elect Laura Kelly's death on election night wasn't reported to law enforcement.A reader submitted a question to The Topeka Capital-Journal's #TopCity What?, asking if the man should be arrested.At the Republican watch party on Nov.


  1. NO! No one was arrested when they called for Trump's death, many many times!

  2. I can see Democrats calling for his arrest. Democrats are, after all, the biggest pussies on earth.

  3. Democrats are snivelling cuntholes

  4. Lock him up!

  5. Most democrats are too busy sucking dick too worry about this.

  6. This coming from the same group that thinks that cheers on Antifa's assault of anyone who doesn't participate in their collective groupthink.


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