Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kansas Lady Politico Losing?!?!

Despite big headline wins in key contests, overall it was a tough year for lady politicos in the Sunflower State who took a hit in the numbers which might help explain some recent female rebukes against the GOP. Take a look:

Fewer women to serve in Kansas Legislature | The Wichita Eagle

The number of female lawmakers in Kansas fell in this year's election. Kansas has "slid back," a lawmaker said.


Anonymous said...

Don't need no bitches.
Got Granny in the driver's seat.

Anonymous said...

That old lady governor is in way over her gray haired head.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's got half a brain cell could see by their voting record these 3 "GOP women" were anything but Republicans. For fuck's sake, half the Dems in the legislature are more conservative than they are!

Anonymous said...

They are all about killing those babies.
It is the Gospel of Satan that these women follow.