Kansas Hemp Farmers Stay Winning

Quick note on a new industry created by enterprising stoners and now benefiting everybody else. Read more:

Hemp a potential 'gold rush' for Kansas farmers | The Wichita Eagle

As changes are about to take effect with state and federal laws regarding industrial hemp, most people involved agree that there are more questions than answers so far. But that's hardly keeping farmers, processors and distributors from jumping in. "This is like the new gold rush," said Russell County wheat farmer Marty Radke.


  1. No brokers or processing plants for the product anywhere locally and transportation costs and the resulting regulation will destroy any profit you'd expect to make on it.

    CBD's a passing psychosomatic fad. Even if it works for the weak minded the effectiveness will eventually wear off and its users will seek something stronger, like opioids. It always happens.

  2. ^^^Debbie downer never advances.

  3. Advancing? No one's used hemp for anything since nylon made it obsolete and CBD's little more than a new name for snake oil.

    Tell us again who's regressing?

  4. Have you seen the Hemp slacks and Jacket Will last longer than polyester And Looks more expensive.

  5. Sorry, the Disco era called and they want their polyester and lookalike clothing back.


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