Kansas Fence Jumpers Stay Winning

Actually, this is just a bit of spin and a highly politicized take on a contentious topic. HOWEVER . . . There is something to be said about the benefits of being a squeaky wheel. Read more:

Kansas Lawmakers Get Plum Committee Roles For Switching From Republican To Democrat

Two Kansas state senators who earlier this week jumped from Republican to Democratic ranks have been rewarded with choice committee assignments. The assignments given to the former moderate Republicans, Sen. Barbara Bollier of Mission Hills and Sen. Dinah Sykes of Lenxa, make them key players on two of the most contentious issues awaiting the Legislature - school spending and Medicaid expansion.


  1. Now we know just what kind of whores they really are.

  2. ^^^^ OUCH.

  3. Both the house and senate in the Kansas legislature still have overwhelmingly Republican majorities.
    Which means ALL the committees have Republican chairs and Republican majorities.
    These "plums" are more likely plumbs!
    None of these switchers will ever be trusted by anyone.
    And none of them have done anything for the Democrats.
    They are stateless.
    And powerless.


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