Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Kansas City Tuesday Night Clean Up

Hottie model culture war truism from a lady's perspective: "Women Get Friend-Zoned Too, The Difference Is Men Still Sleep With Us Anyway"

Closer to home, here are some news links that deserve a look but we're cleaning out for tonight . . .

UNFARE KANSAS CITY GUN FIGHT TONIGHT: Taxi driver shot by passenger in KCMO

Inclusive Cowtown Hanukkah Consideration: Kansas City Native Suggests Expansive Notion Of Judaism To Sustain The American Jewish Community

Cowtown Cold Weather Burning Sensation: No injuries reported after house catches fire near 30th and Lister in Kansas City

Meth Town Working-Class Confronts Christmas Harsh Times: Independence family with sick baby forced from home after old furnace catches fire

Burning For JoCo Merch: Shoplifters used arson to thwart Oak Park Mall security: charges

Show-Me Social Media Convoy Against Creepers: Missouri trucker confronts suspected predators live on Facebook

Golden Ghetto Last Meal: JoCo woman on fentanyl choked to death on her hospital breakfast, lawsuit says

Rock Chalk Mighty Wind Helps Save The Planet: University of Kansas campus to be wind-powered by 2020

Everybody Against Air Claire: McCaskill was the nation's top Senate target of outside groups

Show-Me Big Pharma Point Of Sale Push Back: Missouri doctors urge new limits on prescribing opioids in hospitals

Sunflower State Switcheroo: Kansas House Changes Up Leadership, Could Clash With Incoming Democratic Governor

Kansas City Footballers Desperately Seeking Latino Love: Chiefs Spanish broadcasters excite and entertain fanbase in Hispanic community

Valuable Lesson Against Opt Out: Blue Valley Southwest High hosts suicide prevention event

Fear Kansas City Climate Change: Wednesday will be warmer with temperatures in the 40's

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I’d screw both them gals in that picture, real deep and hard, yessiree.

Anonymous said...

yeah TAP, yeah truckers! fuck automated truck companies that want to rid themselves of the 'human element' that they think slows down profits.