Kansas City Tuesday Crime Blast

Quick smash dive (???) into these local links on the subject of Kansas City metro misdeeds and our culture of violence.

Take a look:

Tuesday Morning Head Shot Report

Kansas City police investigate vehicle shooting, one in hospital

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- One person is in the hospital with injuries after being shot in the head. It happened 26th and Topping in Kansas City. Police are still trying to find the suspects. Police say the male victim was inside his car when another car drove up and started shooting up the victim's car.

Justice For Vet Killed In Kansas City

KC VA Medical Center mum on veteran's May death | The Kansas City Star

Two U.S. senators are seeking answers about the death of a Missouri veteran following an altercation with police at the KC VA Medical Center. For months, officials declined to provide information to The Star.

Report: Family Turned Away By KCPD

Police didn't take the missing person report - one week later, a KC man was found dead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They tried to put their son on the police's radar before he went missing, but officers turned them away. A week later, he was found dead. David and Vicki Greenwood have no concrete answers about their son's murder. "We've heard all kinds of rumors, but do we know?

Morning Lesson In School Gun Fear

Student threatens to bring gun to Piper High School

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- An individual arrested by Kansas City, Kansas police after threatening to bring a gun to school. Chief Terry Ziegler says the individual was overheard saying he wanted to bring a gun to school so he could shoot people. The suspect is 15 years old.

Local X-Mas Grief Abounds

Four months later, Independence mom sill praying her daughter's killer will be caught

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- It's two weeks before Christmas, and Monica Ray's apartment is dark. No Christmas tree or blinking lights. "I couldn't do Thanksgiving, and I certainly didn't want to do Christmas. It's just too tough," Ray said Monday. This holiday season, the Independence mom has a heavy heart.

911 Is A Joke In The Stix???

Plan to consolidate 911 call centers in Cass County brings concern

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A plan in Cass County possibly leading to five 911 call centers being consolidated into one has led to controversy among leaders and first responders in the area. Back in 2012, Cass County residents passed a ballot measure calling for emergency dispatching to be more centralized in the area.

More Deets On Catholic Charges

Lawsuit seeks names of Kansas City-St. Joseph priests accused of sexual abuse

Another lawsuit is filed against the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese. The plaintiff is listed as "John Doe" in official court documents, though his real name is Kevin Smith. The 54-year-old claims he was sexually abused by Father Thomas Reardon while he attended St. Gabriel's school at 4737 N. Cleveland Ave.

Developing . . .


  1. When are you people gonna learn? KCPD works for the state not you, got it?

  2. Cass Co already has consolidated a number of previous call locations, there will be virtually no impact in consolidating further. In the central Cass area you can count the number of emergency calls per employee on two hands. Like 10 calls per operator per shift. This has been part of the bloat with a lot of these smaller responding departments. The number of employees across the board has grown with the crime rates and population essentially unchanged. That's one of the reasons GC lost their force. Does it impact some individuals livelihood? Yep. I could lose my job tomorrow without any consideration. It's da wae. Unfortunately a vast majority of the population, Rep or Dem, Conservative or Commie, are not educated enough to apply critical thinking to Public Safety or Public Education systems asking for even more money. 'cause remember, "its for the kids", or "it's the only way we'll stay safe".

  3. 10:51 correct sir! Lack of education and critical thinking is way too hard for these people, especially in killa shitty, we have the dumbest mayor and clowncil known to man, every thing they do is recycled or is what the big cities have already done. Killa shitty closely follows Indianapolis

  4. ^^yet here you are in a blog about killa city! So sad, so sad and bad!

  5. ^^^Check in with your proctologist buddy, cause your butt hurts! Waaaa!!!!

  6. So cass county less law enforcement per square mile. Where is the mile radius gravel pit for vehicular donuts.
    -seville spain plaza
    -cargill feed lot with gated barricades, running of the bulls 24/7, westport, BBQ
    All new obstacles, intrigue, and entertainment!


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