Kansas City Tourism Hacks Revealed

A national site that was once part of the Gawker empire now slums the world of clickbait with local guide that is still more fun and useful than most. Here's a look at an outsider guide to cowtown attractions:

Tell Us Your Best Kansas City Travel Tips

This city can't even fit in one state. Kansas City MO, Kansas City KS, and a handful of other cities make up the Kansas City metropolitan area, wrapped around the junction of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. Now, when I hear "Kansas City" I think "Kansas City Stockyards," but I'm ready to hear just how urbane this urban area can be.


  1. The best tip I can give you is to go somewhere else.

  2. ^^says the loser from Frogville who hasn't left his hovel in decades. No thanks loser.

  3. I mean if you want to be harassed by hobo's and queers by all means KCMO is the place to be. You can tour our 64130 zip code and have the adventure of your life, if you escape with your life. You can stand on the corner of 18th and Vine and witness a real drive by shooting....oh it will be you they are shooting at. You can hear Jazz in the Jazz clubs and enjoy the nightlife...What? no clubs or nightlife there? Sorry pal. And by all means visit our new state of the art billion dollar, er I mean 2 billion dollar, er now 4 billion dollar airport! What? You mean this thing hasn't even had a groundbreaking after 14 months of waiting and 10 years of planning? But there will definitely not be any taxpayer money used to build it except that measly 48 million the city council gave out last week. Oh and come spend your money to watch Patrick Mahomes and the Chef's play a game at Arrowhead....Bring at least $250 per person and add $60 for parking. Oh and yes this is the same team that hasn't been to a Super Bowl in 49 years! After teh game you can go to the Power and Light district for open air bars in December, what nimrod came up with the environmental friendly design where they use propane heaters and big electric heaters to heat the great outdoors. Yeah come to KC...it's great and riding the street car a couple blocks is free, now how is that for value?

  4. Truth is we are a small midwestern city, similar to those on Richard Floridas 2009 beyond help list.

  5. ^^^^ Sans the whole current airport fiasco, you're pretty much describing many major cities across the US. Hobo harassment? - KC is tame. Expensive NFL experience, yep, any NFL experience is expensive, regardless of the city. Street car a couple blocks? Well, it's gotta start somewhere right, you can't just drop the whole damn thing throughout the metro. Many cities start this way (see Denver).

    To me it sounds like you should just move out to the suburbs and avoid Kansas City proper at all costs.

  6. ^^Ha! LOL. +10000! Geezer down! Geezer down!

  7. ^^^ Likes to go down on geezers.

  8. ^^You mean like your wife and kid?


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