Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kansas City Thursday News Collection

Quick peek at all the news on this old school hottie who remains on the national media scene . . .

UST: Jennifer Lopez keeps that iconic Versace dress she wore to the Grammys on a mannequin at home

Peeps: Jennifer Lopez on Blending Families with Alex Rodriguez

EOnline: Jennifer Lopez's Red Carpet Dress Will Leave You Breathless

Jezebel: This Week in Tabloids - Jennifer Lopez Keeps Rubbing It In

Grazia: Jennifer Lopez’s Second Act - How Her Body At 49 Is Better Than Her Body at 20

Closer to home, here are the news links that are worth a week this morning:

Kansas City Police Save Suspected Kidnapping Victim Overnight

UPDATE: KCPD finds possible kidnapping victim

KANSAS CITY, MO. - UPDATE: Late Wednesday night, Kansas City police say they found the possible kidnapping victim. Officers say she is safe and the man involved has been identified. Officers say the investigation is ongoing. PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Kansas City police are looking for a woman who was seen being forced into a car.

Redrawing Kansas City History

A New Book Complicates Kansas City's Relationship With Walt Disney And His Mouse

Everything about Walt Disney is legendary, especially in his hometown of Kansas City where a mythology has grown up around the young ad man who created the world's most-beloved character. But, what does anyone really know about that mouse? "How can the most popular fictional character in the world be someone that no one knows anything about?"

River Market Rescue
Woman cut out of car after vehicle strikes pole at 3rd and Grand
Old School Imaging Endurance

Zooming in on East Brookside's Dereninger Camera Repair, still analogue after all these years

At Dereninger Camera Repair, there's no internet, no computers - just a landline, and it doesn't even have long-distance. Archie McGhee has been working here for over forty years, and he still comes in seven days a week, even when the East Brookside shop is closed to the public.

Southland Refugee Reprise
New salon opens in the metro after 2017 floods destroy former location
Fanboy Fashion Statement

Chiefs fans clean-out stores for Mahomes, Hill gear

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- If you're planning to buy a Patrick Mahomes jersey, you might be out of luck. Managers at Rally House say they've been out of Mahomes jerseys since the beginning of November. But it's not just there, number 15 is hard to come by across the city!

KCMO Old School Endurance

At 101, bridge still carries heavy traffic

This Max Bernstein pre-linen style postcard, circa 1925, was sent to Miss May Clifford, R.F.D. of Sedalia, Mo., on Aug. 5, 1925. It reads, "Greetings from the heart of America. Hope Dad and all keep well. Frequently we visit you in spirit. Devotedly, S. M. L & Co."

Barbra Streisand Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers is the #TBT song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Hilarious thing to see first thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Eating a smashed avocado on toast before boarding the streetcar downtown.

Anonymous said...

She looks her age no doubt about that. Nice plaster and paint job though.

Anonymous said...

Go fund me so we can send Botello to tech school?

Hint hint

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wuz da matter you don't like the old school captcha thing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony... Babs video did what an overdose of Ex-Lax couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Archie has a reputation for solving repair puzzles

Sounds like this guy should be the next Mayor

Anonymous said...

Nothing more pathetic then old women pretending they are 18 year old girls.

Anonymous said...

^^Except your short dick. That's pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Goodyear Tire became the latest US company to shutter its Venezuela operations and lay off its entire local workforce. As severance, it gave out tires to its employees.

Hmm Sprint can give out phones as severance here in KC.

Anonymous said...

It is funny seeing these old chicks prancing around like they are 20 year old temptresses.

Jezuz your old deal with it baby!

Anonymous said...

Naw this comment makes you look pretty pathetic tho

Anonymous said...

If you watch the "classic groaner" movie Anaconda, you'll see how J-Lo's body is better at 49 than it was at 20 - SILICON!

Anonymous said...

Thanks age expert. Learn to spell things correctly and then talk to us about age appropriate behavior K?

Voice of Experience said...

^^^ Hey @8:43 - don't misunderstand- old Greaser Whores with Plastic Teats can be a lot of fun to use and degrade if you get drunk enough to stomach being around them!

Anonymous said...

^^say the limp dick geezer who can't get it up unless it's kiddie porn.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Why in the World would ay that, @9:13?
Is it supposed to be some sort of magical incantation?

Anonymous said...

^^maybe you should worry about 9:05"s comment instead. Shit head. Fuck off .loser.

Anonymous said...

Oh baby I want to make you the sun and shining center of my universe even thought your fucking my best friend behind my back and putting pics of you big fat surgically booty up on Instagram for the whole to see oh yah yes I do.