Kansas City Stays Winning Over STL OR Violent Missouri Bookends

Tragic stats on big city life in the heartland spiraling out of control and maybe a small victory in this constant I-70 competition. Checkit:

St. Louis named least safe city in America

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- St. Louis has made another ranking list, this time not for a very positive reason. WalletHub conducted another review of U.S. cities and found St. Louis to be the least safe city in the country. In last year's review, St. Louis was the second least safe city.


  1. In early 2017 the black police chief of St. Louis gave a speech about the 206 murders that happened in 2016. Of the 206 murders, 205 involved black people. All but one, and that was probably Mexicans. Any area with black people will have high crime, simple as that.

  2. Where’s blm?

  3. Worth mentioning is St. Louis PD is dysfunctional and unprofessional leading directly to these unfortunate stats. Did you see how the prosecutor is forced to dump 91 felony cases because of the four corrupt cops just indicted? There are dozens of victims of police brutality and many have filed lawsuits. Huge story. In the case of those four indicted crooked cops, the victim was an undercover black detective who they beat and stomped and tear gassed and covered up and lied about it. Huge scandal. Having no integrity in a police dept leads to terrible public safety results.

    r a d I s h


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