Kansas City Star Pushing Demos To Take Kansas Senate Seat After Sen. Pat Roberts

This newspaper screed is demanding a forgone conclusion . . . Jack Cashill identifies the trend and notes that "Roberts has served 22 years in the Senate and 16 years in the House before that. If he chooses to run in 2020, he will be 84-years-old." Translation: He's probably going to call it a career.

Now: With their newspaper advocacy, what corporate scribes REALLY want is Democrat Party Senator in Kansas . . . Which might be a tough sell given that the seem to afraid to say it out loud.


Kansas' Pat Roberts should retire from the Senate in 2020 | The Kansas City Star

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas will have to decide if he wants to seek re-election in 2020. Democrat Barry Grissom already has voiced interest in the seat. Roberts should plan now to retire at the end of his term.


  1. Who cares what the red star says, they can’t get anything right and they’re going out of business, good riddance

  2. The democrats will take the senate seat. Colyer can't get it done.

  3. Poster child for term limits.

  4. Diane Feinstein was 85 when she was re-elected last month. So much for that theory.

  5. ^^true, but unlike Roberts, she is relative, and sharp. She is valid. He is not.

  6. When the Star has long disappeared, Roberts will still be in the Senate.
    It helps when people like him make it difficult to tell whether they're still alive.
    Senate at Bernie's!

  7. diane feinstein should have retired, too

  8. Jack Cashill isn't a fascist he's a little farther right than that.

  9. Roberts was nearly knocked out in the 2014 primary. He stopped living in Kansas 10 years ago. Is only "achievement" lately is the farm bill which he loaded up with food stamps and no work requirements.

    It's time to remove this lifer. The voters can enforce a term limit on him.

    There are several big names that are free to run. Kobach, Colyer, Yoder, and Jenkins. Current AG Derek Schmidt or Reps Roger Marshall and Ron Estes should also consider running. Standing up against Roberts doesn't mean favoring a Democrat.

  10. The Virginia resident is finally going to retire to Virginia? Good. Old Republicans need to die and go away.


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