Kansas City Star Pushes For More Taxes

Tonight's ridiculous policy suggestion for a lame duck politico, a bad idea and a continued cost of living increase on residents inside city limits. Take a look:

Compromise still possible on Sly James' pre-K sales tax plan | The Kansas City Star

Talks about a an expanded pre-K program in Kansas City have broken down, with school districts and Mayor Sly James at an impasse. Outsider groups must now step forward to keep the negotiations going.


  1. If I’ve said it once I’ll say a thousand more times, kcsd has 18 pre k and early childhood programs already, c’mon people spread the word, shut down this lyin sack of shit dead in his tracks

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Excellent point!

  3. In case you don’t believe me,

    The Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) Preschool system offers opportunities for students 6 weeks to 5 years old. The Preschool system includesParents as Teachers Program, 4 Special Education Early Childhood locations, 3 Head Start locations, 9 Pre-Kindergarten locations and 2 Montessori locations.

    Enuf said.

  4. City folk are stuffing their big fat mouths watching the big game now.

    African Centered Elementary Prep logo
    African-Centered Prep Lower Campus
    Border Star Montessori logo
    Border Star Montessori
    primitivo garcia elementary logo
    Primitivo Garcia Elementary

    primitivo garcia elementary logo
    Gladstone Elementary
    Hale cook elementary logo
    Hale Cook Elementary
    john t hartman elementary logo
    John T. Hartman Elementary

    holliday montessori logo
    Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori
    Kansas city neighborhood academy logo
    Kansas City Neighborhood Academy
    longfellow elementary logo
    Longfellow Elementary

    Pitcher Elementary logo
    Pitcher Elementary
    Richardson Early Learning Community School logo
    Richardson Early Learning Community School
    rogers elementary logo
    Rogers Elementary

  6. Sounds like Steve Rose after reading the first line of it.

  7. Sorry, I should’ve deleted the doubles, I’m just a little pissed off this scam keeps rearing it’s ugly head

  8. ^^^And none of them have any lasting effect. By the third grade there is no difference between the kids who attended Pre-K and the kids who didn't. Gotta suppose that one of James's cronies is in line for a big payday if this passes.

  9. ^^^^ bingo!

  10. You're likely on to something, 8:51, and maybe include James' kiddies with cronies on the motivation. Will The Magic BowTie's lawyer son and children's book author daughter be getting in on the paydays? Hmmmmm....


    Substitute teacher Mr. James asks for a show of hands of those who think he's a mean bully!!!

  12. Pre-k or not, the majority of urban scholars finish school illiterate.

  13. Its nothing more than glorified baby sitting for crack whore baby mommas

  14. KC Star is the ultimate hypocrisy- I guess Donavan and the rest of the biased board forget they beg for city tax breaks and then want people to pony up more for worthless ideas that don’t work (trolly, airport expansion, earnings tax).
    As the Star continues to charge old ladies more than $700 a year for some subscribers and discounts savy readers- watch the inequities backer by Karma drain the fake liberal media of resources and watch them go bankrupt. Karma


  15. Come on Kansas city! Our voters love taxes! We can do this! Prove to the world just how fucking stupid we are and and take it up the rear as we support this lame duck asshole one more time.

  16. Since white people dont vote and black people do and because they don’t pay any or very little taxes they look at this as a chance to make whitey pay for all their stuff, the moral of this story is white peeps need to vote in masse and shut this crap down

  17. This has been a scam from day one. Slie wants to control the funds so he can create a slush fund for his cronies. The city has no business in trying to run and dictate what the schools do. That is precisely what the leaders of the school district were hired to do. Slie just needs control of more money to cover the shortfalls elsewhere.


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