Kansas City Southwest Double Take

A so-called Renaissance is underway at this school that was once the crown jewel of Kansas City. Here's a glimpse at the comeback and perspective about its decline. Checkit:

Southwest High was Once a Premier School. What Happened?

It boasts notable graduates, including acclaimed rapper Tech N9ne, the wealthy founders of H&R Block and celebrated journalist Calvin Trillin. Now Southwest High School is in decay and part of a heated debate about the future of public education in Kansas City.


  1. What happened???? Arthur Benson and Judge Russell Clark and their deseg case are what happened! I had relatives at Southwest HS when as a result of the deseg case hordes of hood rats were imported into the school. After that it became unsafe for white students to be caught alone in the hallways, and classes became chaotic. It was so bad, my relatives moved to the suburbs. Think I'm exaggerating? Ask anyone who was at Southwest at that time!

  2. What happened?

    You are asking that question on THIS comment board?

  3. The blacks ruined it that’s what happened

  4. that we've heard from the Klan, maybe another perspective might be considered. In the early 1960s, a good many of the Kansas City School District administrators lived within the boundaries of Southwest High School. All-black schools like Lincoln, Manual and Central were bursting at the seams and beyond capacity, with rotting buildings, substandard classrooms and overwhelmed faculty. In the shadow of Brown v Topeka Board of Ed decision outlawing "separate but equal," the district's remedy was to integrate Paseo, Southeast and Westport by busing in students from outside those boundaries. In 1958, only one or two African American students attended Southeast. None attended most of the elementary schools in its boundaries: Knotts, Pinkerton, Blenheim, etc. through 1962. No black students were bused to Southwest. Segregation was finessed in the district into the late 60s. In my neighborhood, we got a first-hand lesson in redlining, block-busting and racism. Hundreds of white families fled to the suburbs, not sticking around long enough to see that diversity is a pretty damned healthy thing. Racism never really went away, the bigots just went to charm school in the suburbs.

    1. LOL diversity is the problem einstein.

  5. Send your kids to a school with a terrible basketball team and a good chess club. Lots of Ramesh and Shankar and Ravi is good; Not so much shaquanda lashawn or shaniqua. Can’t rely on a far flung suburb bc lees summit is changing fast bro! Live in the city but send the kids to catholic school.

  6. Bussing. Even as a premier public school just a few years ago it was crime ridden and the neighborhood was being ripped by crime.

  7. 2:47 are you a spokesman for blm? Sure sounds like it to me


    This is hilarious because everyone knows the answer but it's not PC to admit it.


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