Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Kansas City Selfish Christmas 2018?!?!

As markets begin to show weakness and ROBOTS TAKING MORE JOBS it seems locals aren't in the giving spirit so far this year as one of this town's most important charities is coming up short.


Salvation Army less than halfway to its goal before Christmas

With just two weeks left in this season's red kettle campaign, the Salvation Army needs your help again. When it comes to the sights and sounds of the holidays, the sounds of bells ringing are a given. Traditional Salvation Army bell ringers are out in force with their red kettles, raising money for the less fortunate.


Anonymous said...

This is not really surprising. The new tax code does not make charitable giving deductible for most people. About the only people who can contribute are those who have to take RMDs from their IRAs and 401(k)s--the folks geezer hater picks up diapers from.

Anonymous said...

Geezer hater has missed his diaper pick up at John Knox for the last 3 days. This causes discomfort for the residents. Maybe his side job of picking up the hipster's scooters and recharging them has interfered with his diaper pickup.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Geezer Hater gave up the "scooter gig" - sucking the old electricity out of those batteries didn't give him nearly as much satisfaction as cleaning and renovating Depends for resale does.

Anonymous said...

Odd that this should happen during the "greatest period of economic growth in the Nation's history", isn't it?