Kansas City Season Of Fear: Security Crackdown At K-PAC For The Holidays

Reality check for upcoming celebrations, locals protecting holiday season festivals. Take a look:

Kauffman​​​​​​​ Center for the Performing Arts adds metal detectors ahead of holiday season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ever since opening its doors in 2011, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, much like music, has constantly evolved. The performing arts center in downtown Kansas City has always banned weapons in the building, and it later added digital camera systems and off-duty police officers for performances, according to Paul Schofer, president and CEO of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.


  1. Is KPAC still on your “boycott” list? It used to be.

  2. They must be scared of gang bangers attending a Schoepenhauer concert.

  3. Have to keep the unwashed away from the premises.

  4. Mission Hills residents need only light a $100 bill on fire for priority admittance to the buffet line. All others require a cavity search.

  5. Are they having any hip hop events there? They need extra security for negroes.

  6. I think they’re going after the ccw people, people going downtown know they need to protect themselves, you know, from those we can’t mention for fear of being called racist

  7. Epic Beard Man12/1/18, 2:25 PM

    The Jews are getting nervous. I can't imagine why.

    1. Those numbers on their wrists have started counting backwards

  8. 11:57 Schoepenhauer was a philosopher. Was he a musician as well? I don't think so.

  9. Yet another reason I won’t attend an event there. Are the liberal douchebags that regularly go there afraid of being in a room with a good guy with a gun? Might trigger their “Jason Pander” PTSD syndrome.


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