Kansas City Ruckus Other Than The Chiefs

Just a bit of counter-programming from the policy wonk GOLD STANDARD OF KANSAS CITY DISCOURSE whilst everybody else is watching the game.

Here's the description of tonight's discussion:

"Mike Shanin talks to ACLU of Kansas Executive Director Dr. Micah Kubic about election integrity and voter suppression. Jon Stephens, Annie Presley, Shawn Saving and Laura McConwell discuss the latest delays and continuing negotiations in the process for the new KCI, the impact of KCMO's political power structure on the city's progress and the GOP's loss of suburban voters in the midterm election."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Gop only lost one suburb and that was JoCo. It's the biggest suburbs to be sure but the conversation neglects the fact that Republicans also strengthened their majority in Kansas even after this week's defection from State Senator Barbara Bollier.

    1. Great info about election law in this one. It's an issue that both Kansas and Missouri is going to have to deal with, hopefully before 2020.

    2. ^^^ Russia conspiracy again? No thanks.

  2. Who are these doofus's?

  3. ^^^ Local charlatans.


    Fact: The ACLU is simply a private organization that lobbies for it's interests and files lawsuits against government and other entities in attempts to legally enforce their viewpoint.

    Think of the KC Chapter of The Urban League (Ruckus' Gwen Grant) but stronger, more financing, and actually effective sometimes.

    The ACLU is at it's best when it joins other parties to fight against big government overreach, warrantless spying, freedom of speech impairments, free press restrictions, etc. It's at it's worst when it focuses on identity politics and becomes consumed with minorities, LGBT, illegal immigrants, etc.

    Jon Stephens - former Cordish snake, former Kansas-based lackey consultant who donated to Sly James campaign, Chamber of Commerce-type shill who feeds from the taxpayer trough. Now installed at Port KC as developers take over the backwater quasi-independent state agency to reap the benefit of low-interest tax-favored loans. Don't believe a single word he speaks.

    No problems with the other 3 panelists.

    Terminal Case
    In a coup of sorts, the best comment came from Patrick Tuohey, and he wasn't even a guest on this episode!

    Helling In A Handbasket
    KCMO = corrupt Mayor, conniving Manager, half the Council are dysfunctional, inefficient and hemorrhaging.

  5. Epic failure just like the chiefs defense!

  6. Kansas City doesn't have a "port", why is there a "Port Authority"?
    Abolish it now!


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