Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Kansas City Royals Ponder Bubba's Career

The hometown hero hasn't lived up to expectations which is true of most people, places and things in this life. Nevertheless, and thankfully, he's got a second chance. Link suggested by our BEST AND BRIGHTEST readers on the late night topic of redemption, hope, reality and batting averages.

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Will Bubba Starling ever make it to the big league club?

It all seemed poetic at the time. When Bubba Starling was drafted by the Kansas City Royals as the 5th pick overall in the 2011 MLB Draft, it felt like a story that writers dream about covering. Here was Starling, a graduate of Gardner Edgerton High School in Gardner, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City.


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Hey all he needs is an endorsement. Bubba beer for the bubba in you.

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Trouble With the Curve: The Bubba Starling Story

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Swing is too long. Shorten it up and he's ready.

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Good luck Bubba.