Kansas City Public Library Hosts Ceremony For New Americans

Just a bit of local nice news for Tuesday night . . .

On November 7, 2018, Kansas City Public Library's Central Library hosted its fourth Naturalization Ceremony.


  1. That’s nice, and hey they did it the LEGAL way. Did they get to tour the rest of the public homeless daycare center after the ceremony was over? The internet area on the first floor usually smells real nice.


  2. I was going to say the same thing! These people did it right, and show respect for our laws! Congrats to them! Glad they weren't pushed to the back of the line like the democrats want to do to them!

  3. Quinton Tellis12/5/18, 10:10 AM

    Legal Immigration brings the same results as illegal immigration ---a multicultural sewer. Anyone who believes that the riots in France are simply about a fuel tax is willfully ignorant. The rioters (including the police who are on their side) understand that the new tax is to help support the Muslim Invaders that the EU gleefully welcomes into their (once beautiful) country. Multiculturalism is ideological gonorrhea.


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