Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Kansas City Pre-K Debate Redux

The fight against more taxpayer cash for services that already exist continues, here's the latest salvo:

Kansas City leaders disagree on plan to create more pre-K programs

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City leaders overwhelmingly agree that there is a need for more early childhood education. But they can't agree on the best way to get it done.


Anonymous said...

Most KCPS students are illiterate when they graduate or leave school. The Pre-K won’t change that.

Anonymous said...

We have too many in the kcsd now, but thats the Kansas City way, we have 18, one for every grade school. Enough is enough of this bullshit, everybody knows this tax money isn’t going to any school, it’s going to be developer money.

I'm new to Kansas City said...

Why would anyone want more indoctrination of our children. Full day kindergarten is nothing more then taxpayer subsidized child care. the social justice Warriors want to indoctrinate Children earlier and earlier. It won't be long before the sjws will want to start "educating" our children in the nursery right after birth.

Anonymous said...

Education is not a function of city government.
It is the responsibility of the state and local school districts, both of which have taxing authority to raise money for educating children.
The feds should play a minimal role.
And the key to everything are responsible parents who teach their kids the value of education and the long-term consequences of wasting the opportunities afforded them.
The most important function of city government, or any level of government for that matter, is public safety.
KCMO should give that priority a try.
Just the latest in a long list of Sly's distractions from his pitiful performance of the last seven years.

Anonymous said...

Parent Tisha Cullen stated having kids ready for that regimen and discipline structure would be a great thing. It is the parents responsibility to establish the discipline structure not the schools. Lack of parent involvement is one of the problems now.

Main take away. “I think I could vote for that if he could assure us up front that 100% went to exactly that end,” said Ed Groves, KC resident.

This is the biggest scam ever as Slie will make sure developers get their share first. Slie is just looking for another money source as he fears the etax will be eliminated.

@6:20 is definitely on target.

Anonymous said...

Children are just income to many. Limit welfare to one child and then require sterilization of the baby machine.

Anonymous said...

^^yes, as well as mandatory euthanasia to those over 65. That would limit the amount of SS and Medicare we would have to pay.

Anonymous said...

Since Slie has already kissed Amazon's ass the city and KCPS needs to apply for some of Jeff Bezos' $2 billion he designated for early childhood education and urban schools.

Then again Slie would not be controlling these funds. A win for KSPS but a loss for Slie.