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A remarkable "how to" that offers insight into how to deal with a tremendous amount of baggage involved in dating single-moms. Essential reading given that modern dating, for both men and women, is mostly an exercise in dealing with damaged goods . . .

How To Lose a Grown-Ass Woman in Ten Steps

Dating in midlife is anything but easy; many women find themselves in quite a quandary when they jump in, only to realize some prospective partners still live like teenagers. I thought it might be good to warn you in advance so you don't waste as much time as I did!


  1. Still looking for Mr. Right at 47

  2. ^^^^ Sorry to hear about your troubles @8:12. He'll come along someday. Just keep your chin up!

  3. Single mothers are single mothers for a reason.

  4. You gotta be outta your mind to take a chance with a chick like this, who, already has a list of made up shit in her mind that she can complain about. She will find something else to fuck shit up with even if you could perform a heart transplant on the floor.

    White chicks are now, imbued with the same vicitimization clap trap that blacks have been sporting for so long. Drinking the Feminist kool-aid, watching the movies, eating the ice cream, wearing the T-shirts and pussy hats, men are fucked if they get anywhere near a white girl like this.

    Find an Asian or Latino chick, or go overseas. America has ruined white girls. Just look at all of the idiot suburban chicks that voted against Trump.

    Don't take a chance.

    1. That doesn’t mean you can’t fuck her. Just don’t let it get serious.

  5. If you're not a Beta Male in a pussy hat, then get anything but a white chick.

  6. I'm sure there are good female choices out there, even at 47, but someone who complains before things get serious would not be one of them.

  7. If she’s 47, she might just have an 18 year old daughter that is a hot little slut. Might be worth hanging around for a while.

  8. She sounds uttery fucking exhausting.

  9. One more way -
    when she asks "Does this dress make my Butt look big?" be honest!

  10. Single Mom 101
    -Experts in health insurance. Love going to the doctor. Probably 3 times a month for them and the kid once a week.
    -Always remind you how they made it as a single mom... like it is a nobel prize accomplishment yet something they helped cause.
    - Whenever it is your night to go to the game with the guys, that will be when the kid gets sick and you need to be home.
    - She will figure out how to move in quickly.
    - She acts self sufficient and resilient around her girlfriends but makes you may for everything.
    - Her facebook page portrays a completely fictitious person

  11. 10:29, the honest answer to that question is always "no." But whatever you do, don't explain that it's not the clothes that make your butt look big, it's your big butt that does it.

  12. I suppose a guy wouldn't earn any points from her by spending long periods of time in her bathroom spelunking in her dirty clothes hamper looking for trophy panties?

  13. It's chicks like this that make being single in kc such a joke if you're over 30. Life has passed this nagging bitch behind and her misery has affected her attitude toward men so much she seemingly blames them for all of her perceived life troubles. She sounds like a truly miserable person. As stated earlier, white women have adopted the same victim status as so many other segments of our society. I can only imagine all the quality, rich and handsome middle-aged hunks lining up to take this fat ass out on a date. Rules, requirements and stipulations laid out like a dating Ten Commandments? Erin, get over yourself sweetheart.

  14. Unfortunately, @10:45, you're only partially right.
    The truly honest answer is "No, not big - Enormous!".


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