Kansas City Midweek News Outlook

Just a quick share of one of my favorite off-site photos and more local news links right now . . .

Kansas City Teen Murder Aftermath

Union Station Repair Note

Dinosaur exhibit at Union Station closed due to a water leak | The Kansas City Star

The "Dinosaurs Revealed" exhibit on the lower level of Union Station was temporarily closed Wednesday because of a water leak from the floor above. Officials hoped to reopen the popular exhibit Thursday.

Tragedy Across The Bridge

Pedestrian dead in Northland crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One person is dead after a crash in the Northland Tuesday night. It happened on Interstate 435 near Shoal Creek Parkway around 7:20 p.m. Police said a car was going north on I-435 when it struck a pedestrian in its lane of travel.

Kansas Immigration Battle Cont'd

Seeking Citizenship For His Adopted Daughter, A Kansas Army Veteran Fights The Government

A Kansas Army veteran who saw six tours of duty in a 27-year military career thought he had legally adopted his niece in 2014. Federal immigration authorities, however, claimed the adoption was invalid. Now, the veteran's years-long legal effort to secure citizenship for his adopted daughter is getting help from a national organization.

Show-Me Deadly Holiday Traffic

Nine Fatalities on Missouri Roads During Christmas Holiday

MISSOURI - Nine people, two more than last year, died on Missouri roads over the Christmas holiday according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

K-State Footballer Personal Note After Tragic Deadly Crash

Forecast For Now

1"-2" of rain expected through Thursday evening

Storm system brings rain, wind, and mild temperatures through Thursday

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  1. Horner recommending a rain helmet?

  2. ^^^^ LULZ!


  3. Dinosaur exhibit closed due to climate change.

  4. Why did the city pay some black family for a murder committed by murderous blacks? If that was a white girl they tell the parents to go to hell, unfuckingbelieveable

  5. I guess spamming on the TKC blog is a good way to not spend down your inheritance.

  6. Sad news really. I hope we can do better in the new year.

  7. ^^^ Have you seen the clowns running for mayor? IT CAN GET WORSE!

  8. Seriously. Is the city council getting sales commissions on all the new Escalades being bought by coloreds getting KCMO lawsuit settlement money? It'd add up to quite a bit of money at the rate they're going.


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