Kansas City Mayoral Candidates Share Duplicitous Lesson With NextGen

Roundup of politicos playing nice with hopeful youngsters who may or may not understand the life ahead of them in late-stage Democracy.

High School Students Ask Kansas City Mayoral Hopefuls About Jobs, Homelessness


  1. If those obvious and simplistic queries are "some of the best and the hardest questions we’ve had," that does not speak very well of the journalists who are supposed to be covering the race.

  2. ^^Thanks for that. We'll go ahead and put the response right where it belongs...the circular file.

  3. Actually, pretty much all of anyone you could possibly call a "journalist" or "reporter" either left KCMO long ago or is currently circulating their resume.
    Brand new J-school grads who have no idea of where the bodies are buried are writing for the Star and it's mostly press release stuff.
    The editorial board is working hard to convince everyone that residents of KC all want to make-believe they live in Brooklyn.
    And the television "newsies" are all entertainment, all the time.
    The students are at least asking some honest questions.
    It's too bad the answers are the same old nonsense that constantly flows from 12th and Oak.
    It never changes.

  4. ^^Blah blah blah. You're boring.


    FINAL 2 STANDING = Steve Miller and Quinton Lucas

    Miller pulls off surprise victory.


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