Kansas City Liberty Memorial Stays Open Amid Government Shut Down

There are quite a few local museums shut down but this message from one of the standouts of the local skyline deserves mention.

On the topic of Admission and Hours at Liberty Memorial:

"The National WWI Museum and Memorial is a non-profit organization that receives no federal funding and is not affected by the government shutdown. We’ll be open every day during the next two weeks with the exception of Dec. 31-Jan. 1."

Meanwhile, the not-so-great war betwixt Prez Trump & The Democratic Party over the Border Wall continues . . .

Developing . . .


  1. OMG this is like, totally Trumps fault!


  2. Funny how Obama campaigned on securing the boarder "but he never did" and that was O.K. Even when he lied about it. Trump wants to secure the boarder and it's a different story!

    Democrats have caused this, they pay to secure other countries but won't pay to secure ours.

    Members of my family are essential employees and are working with no pay, and we will do this for as long as it takes!!!!

  3. Bet all the city's gays threatened to gather under that huge phallic symbol and sing, "I'll Be Homo For Christmas" if it closed.

  4. The city’s gays gather there anyway. That is one of the places they go to suck dick. Our queers have been meeting there ever since we first started having queers in Kansas City.

  5. The gays meet there so they will be on higher ground.

  6. Listen to all these closet queens! They know where to get some! Don't you girls?!?!

  7. Still waiting for an explanation as to just how the Democrats have managed to keep the Wall from being built - the Republicans have had complete control of the White House, both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court for almost two years now, and could have done anything they wanted!

    He can't work with his own damn Party!

  8. Liberty Memorial used to be the main place for faggots to go to suck cock and get buttfucked. They still go there but a lot of other places too. We have way more queers than we used to 30 years ago.

  9. ^^Yes, like your dad's house now.

  10. "Quik Trip is a for-profit organization that receives no federal funding and is not affected by the government shutdown. We’ll be open every day."

    You should report that as breaking news, Captain Obvious.

    1. So pathetic, wildman wishes somebody cared about him.


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