Kansas City Latinx Biz Boom???

According to the Internets: Latinx (la-teen-ex) (/ləˈtiːnɛks, læ-/) is a gender-neutral term sometimes used in lieu of Latino or Latina (referencing Latin American cultural or racial identity). The term is a politicized neologism that has gained traction among advocacy groups intersectionally combining the identity politics of race and gender.The term has gained popularity in social media, and is mostly used by community activists and in higher education settings . . .

And while this kind of nomenclature is probably worse than some of the nastiest things people have called TKC because of the blog, here's just a bit more instruction on the topic that is attempting to gain traction among the creative class . . . Checkit:

KCultivator Q&A: Edgar Palacios talks Latinx representation, ballsy moves

Editor's note: KCultivators is a lighthearted profile series to highlight people who are meaningfully enriching Kansas City's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The KCultivator Series is sponsored by WeWork Corrigan Station , a modern twist on Kansas City office space. Proportionate cultural and ethnic representation can be life-altering for young people - especially in the classroom, said Edgar Palacios.


  1. Strother Martin12/8/18, 11:02 AM

    Such a life-affirming story ! Latinx people should have much more representation in our...............OH, FUCK THIS FAGGOT FREAKSHOW !

  2. Latinx?
    Politicized neologism?

    WTF? It's 2018 Edgar! If it comes up in conversation, just tell people you're gay.

  3. I prefer to use "spic" rather than fretting over which form of Latino-a-x is currentlu in favor.

  4. They probably should have their own school so the white children are not held back by dumbing down the curriculum


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