Kansas City Holiday Warning: Let's Forgo 'Forced Affection' From Youngsters

Actually, some very practical guidance that targets local geezers and the only human physical contact they'll have all year.


Fox4KC: Local experts say ‘forced affection,’ common during holidays, can negatively impact kids


Go hug Aunt Sue. Give Grandpa a kiss. Go sit on Santa's lap.

A lot of parents have probably said these and other similar statements to their children at some point. It usually ramps up during the holidays when we gather with relatives we might not see often.

But health professionals say this "forced affection" with anyone can really have an negative impact on little ones. Jennifer Keller-McDaniel, chief psychologist at Truman Medical Center's Lakewood Counseling, and other experts say it can cause damage to a child's perception of boundaries.

"I think we need to kind of take things slowly," Keller-McDaniel said. "I think it moves pretty quickly when you haven't seen a relative -- or never if we're talking about toddlers -- and then they want to kiss and hug all over you. I think it makes them pretty uncomfortable."

On the contrary . . .

Some relatives don't want to slather rugrats with attention and prefer to avoid catching whatever deadly virus is lurking around local schools filled with un-vaccinated 'lil hippies.


Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy

Fortune: Joe Biden Says He's Most Qualified for President

You decide . . .


  1. This is why smart phones were invented. To negate and get rid of any potential real human interaction.

  2. Queef Latifa12/5/18, 1:42 PM

    "Go hug Aunt Sue, but wear your helmet".

  3. I'm ridin' with Biden in 2020. I'm one of his ol' butt buddies!

  4. He'd be almost 80 when he takes office. I like the guy, but that's too old.

  5. ^^ The women he molests also think he is to old.

  6. This post makes me sad for all kinds of reasons.

  7. Is this why Biden thinks he's the best the Demoncrats have to offer ?

  8. At least he didn't walk in on undressed underage teens at one of his beauty pageants for some prime leering. That would be even creepier.

  9. ^^ Very true but Joe definitely fondled pre-teens on camera during photo shoots.

    Joe didn't care what their age is he fondled them.

  10. Those women are dogs.

    If you want to grab some pussy, surround yourself with the best people.

  11. Strangers? Sick Crazy Joe. Sad.

    Always save your affection for immediate family.

  12. Tony, why settle for a B-list loser when you have the best example tweeting from the oval? When you want to drive home a message, go bigly.


  13. Joe the groper! The guy is a pedophile too! A few years ago he was groping a Senators 10 yr old little girl. Hillary condones 40 yr old men that rape 12 yr old girls too. Hillary made the little girl out to be a victim. Some mighty sick people!

  14. I meant to say the 40 yr old guy out to be a victim!

  15. ^^^ As sick as some orange haired perv hitting on his own daughter and then bragging about it?

  16. ^^^ Didn't know you had orange hair.

  17. When did everyone become presumed to be a molester? When did the idea of a teacher hugging a sobbing kindergartener become a sex offense -- or a harmless hug become an assault? Or a naughty joke become harassment?

    We are all being bullied down to the level of the "professionally most offended". And it is doing real damage to our society. Men are increasingly less likely to even hire a woman out of fear of any misstep ending their career. Women are being "frozen out" of male-organized business trips or meetings. Do we seriously think that it would benefit women to have all men acting like Mike Pence?


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