Friday, December 21, 2018

Kansas City Friday Winter Morning Look

Quick peek at the pr0n-y pop culture discourse amid the holidays:

USMag: Blake Shelton Jokes About Watching Porn With Gwen Stefani After Her Kids Go to Bed

Insider: A company is developing a virtual-reality 'sex helmet' that streams porn footage inside the helmet

Guardian: Tumblr’s ‘porn ban’ will leave its marginalised users with no safe haven

Closer to home these news links top our local concerns:

Diploma Mill Life Lesson

Local schools reach out to help former Vatterott students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Following the surprise closure of Vatterott College this week, other schools around the metro are working to help get impacted students back on track. Vatterott closed its doors on Monday with no warning to students. Since then, institutes like the Associated Builders and Contractors training school have offered opportunities to them.

Golden Ghetto Wild Life

Old Town Olathe residents report unafraid coyote sniffing around

Porch pirates are not the only unwanted prowlers looking for easy pickings at properties in Old Town Olathe. A lot of residents of the neighborhood have seen a coyote walking around. The animals are common in Kansas, but this one has been hanging around, and it does not seem to be afraid to approach front doors in a search for food.

EPIC KCI Crowds Surge

Travelers push through KCI in the holiday rush

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- KCI is packed to the brim with holiday travelers. The holiday rush has begun as families are making their way to their loved ones. Friday, the U.S. airline industry enters its heaviest travel period of the year with 45.7 million passengers are expected to take their travel to the skies.

Making Merry With McTavish

6 Wild Things To Do With The Family In Kansas City This Weekend

We are taught to control ourselves. To harness primal urges. To keep it together. Well, not this weekend, gang. Without intending to undermine the familial fabric of society (much), here are some alternative wild things to explore with the kin and kin-friendly this weekend, including wild beasts, wild dreams and wild warfare with would-be hand weapons.

Kansas City Talks 2nd Chances

Royals general manager Dayton Moore visits Kansas inmates

ELLSWORTH, KS (AP) -- Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore has been making holiday visits to Kansas inmates. The Kansas City Star reports that Moore stopped Wednesday at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Moore talked about his Christian faith, his family and took questions from an audience of about 200 for more than an hour.

Best Kansas City Questions

Flatland Favorites: curiousKC Edition

A mapmaker and a mystery. Also, apparently I am fascinated by transportation. I will be wearing my paper conductor hat from Fritz's for the rest of this paragraph. Flatland got to uncover and explore why the north-south streets in Missouri run at a slightly different angle than the streets in Kansas.

Shopping Hot Mess Forecast

No weather issues in KC this weekend

While many hit the road or head to the airport for travel this weekend, the weather in Kansas City looks just fine. Friday's forecast calls for sun and a high o...

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Anonymous said...

Killa' City Christmas!

Anonymous said...

This morning when I was at the airport I saw none of the travelers looking for an experience, restaurant, destination hangout, view, a big fountain, lounge, or a meet up place. The only thing the travelers wanted was to get on their plane and in the air as quickly as possible and to be inconvenienced as little as possible.

Where the pushers of the proposed airport gets the idea an airport needs all of the things these travelers were not looking for is questionable.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is "Old Town Olathe?" It has never been called that. Is this something new or just another out of town "Journalist" that knows nothing about the cities they cover?

Anonymous said...


All Shelton wants for Christmas is a little Red Head!!!

Anonymous said...

"Old Town Olathe" is where the coyotes hang out, bub!

Olathe conversation...

"Where's Muffy, Honey?"
"Hell, I don't know, I told Junior to let her out so she could crap in the neighbor's yard an hour ago, but she hasn't comeback yet."
"Oh, I hope nothing's happened to her..."
"I'll go ask the neighbor, he's outside laughing his ass off about something!"

Anonymous said...

Didn't really answer my question, but thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Damn good stuff!