Friday, December 07, 2018

Kansas City Friday Early News Collection

News about panties always comes first and right now we have a look at an iconic brand attempting to change with the times . . .

Economist: Victoria’s Secret gets ready for a makeover

Insider: A transgender woman responded to a Victoria's Secret executive's controversial comments with her own lingerie ad

The Cut: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Dead

Daily Mail: 'Fashion has failed us!' Protestors strip to their lingerie and march through Victoria's Secret at Oxford Circus in London to demand 'diversity from all brands'

WaPo: The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is too boring to even argue about

And then, more than a few news links on the homefront . . .

Kansas City Clickbait Brag
Christmas tree at Crown Center rates of one of nation's finest
Considering Local Grind

US Beef sells 32 Arby's in KC - Kansas City Business Journal

United States Beef Corp. sold its 32 Arby's locations in the Kansas City area to one of the nation's largest franchise operators. US Beef, a Tulsa-based family-owned company that opened its first Arby's in 1969, sold a total of 368 Arby's locations that were in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Washington.

Kangaroo Encouragement
It's never too late
Kansas City Insider Tribute

The man who has had a major impact on KC parks and attractions will retire after 44 years of service

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You may not recognize him, but it's impossible to avoid the incredible impact Mark McHenry has had on Kansas City. After 44 years of serving the community, the director of Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation will retire this month.

Footballer Pep Talk

Patrick Mahomes spoke in front of teammates in the team facility after Kareem Hunt's sudden release

Word came out during the Kansas City Chiefs' game against the Oakland Raiders Sunday that quarterback Patrick Mahomes held a players-only meeting following Kareem Hunt 's release. .@101theFoxKC reports Patrick Mahomes led a players only meeting following the release of Kareem Hunt.- Mike Marusarz (@MikeMarusarz) December 2, 2018 Several Chiefs were asked about such a meeting following the 40-33 win and they disputed it taking place.

Golden Ghetto Good Tidings

This Overland Park Company Plays A Small Role In 'Nutcracker' Productions Far And Wide

It's Nutcracker season, and ballet dancers everywhere are preparing for the biggest performances of the year. But their productions also rely on colorful backgrounds onstage, which is where Kenmark Scenic Backdrops of downtown Overland Park comes in. Kenmark owner Mark Short has been in the business of renting out backdrops for more than three decades.

Sappy Yet EPIC KC 'Gift Of Life' Story
Family hears gift that will last forever
MØ - Blur (Official Video) ft. Foster The People is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm... panties...

Anonymous said...

Click on that Daily Mail, "Victoria Secrets" article.

Huge, slovenly, unhealthy, slatternly fat girls, who think men "owe" them a "Boner". A new category of "Victims" created by victims who can't put down the Frito Lay bag and hit the gym.

They look like shit, because they are guilty of 5 of the 7 deadly sins.

Pride (misplaced)
Anger (Again, misplaced)

But, I am sure, they will get a pass because of the "White Patriarchy" that be keepin dem down.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad Mark McHenry, of KCMO Parks and Rec, implemented the pothole pansy program before he retired. This program sure helps beautify the city and identify the location of potholes.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas tree at Crown Center with all the other lights are beautiful, too bad it's the mayor's Christmas tree. He is the excrement that has brought this city down.

Anonymous said...

^^^..and you are the excrement that has brought this blog down.

Anonymous said...

Good selection of links for idiots and the mentally challenged.

Anonymous said...

^^Every Single Day.

Anonymous said...


The pledges to Gemma Summa Luvin were initiated at the backdoor of the sorority!!!

Anonymous said...

@6:24, eff you dude. Out of morbid curiosity I followed that link. I know have to clean up puke off my desk. Gross.