Friday, December 21, 2018

Kansas City Friday Crime Roundup

Quick look at some of the more important crime news links for tonight amid the holiday rush . . .

Life Lesson: Tragic South Kansas City Testimony Against School

Mother sues Hickman Mills School District for failing to protect daughter from sexual abuse

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A mother discovered hundreds of text messages between a man working as a school mentor and her fourth-grade daughter. Now, she's suing the Hickman Mills School District for failing to protect her daughter from sexual abuse.

Meth Town Hottie Court Fight

Mistrial declared in Independence baseball bat killing | The Kansas City Star

A Jackson County jury couldn't agree on a verdict and a mistrial was declared in the trial of a woman accused of killing another woman with a baseball bat.

Unlocking Crime Wave

Lack of key database enables increased metal thefts in Kansas

Breaking News A number of cities and counties across Kansas set up scrap metal databases over the years, including photos of people who sold metal, and the material they turned in, in a bid to curb thefts. Thieves will commonly cause thousands of dollars in property damage to harvest a relatively small amount of copper.

Season Of Stealing Continues

Waitress at Grandview IHOP injured in dine and dash

Grandview police are asking for help in identifying three people after an IHOP waitress was assaulted in a dine and dash early Friday morning. Investigators said that just after midnight, the waitress followed three customers into the parking lot when they did not pay their bill at the restaurant located in the 12100 block of South U.S.

Tragic Missouri Followup

'You Couldn't Have Written a More Tragic Script': Girl, 6, Is Accidentally Shot to Death by Brother

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Rock Chalk Bi-Partisan Reform

Kelly, Koch Industries agree on Kansas prison reform need

Kelly, Koch Industries agree on Kansas prison reform need TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Incoming Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Wichita-based Koch Industries agree that the state's prison system needs reform in response to an increasing inmate population.

EPIC Arrest Struggle

Liberty police officer injured after man attempts to gouge his eyes during arrest

LIBERTY, MO (KCTV) -- A Liberty officer was assaulted while arresting a man who had an outstanding resisting arrest warrant during court, police say. Curtis M. Cochrane, 54, was uninjured, but the arresting officer suffered abrasions and contusions to his face from Cochrane's punches and attempts to gouge the officer's eyes.

Check The Latest KCMO Speed Trap

City lowers speed limit on 59th Street

Drivers using 59th Street will need to get used to a lower speed limit.

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