Kansas City Fire Tragedy Aftermath

An exceptional write-up following one of the worst fire deaths of 2018. The update notes faith communities and neighbors rallying to help along with a reminder to the rest of the city to check smoke detectors and household fire safety in general . . . Read more:

KC neighborhood mourns children killed in fire

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Family members of the little boy and girl are devastated. Neighbors were left speechless not sure of what they could say that could bring some comfort to the family who lost so much. Around 1:45 this afternoon, firefighters answered a 911 call. Neighbors heard the sirens and worried.


  1. The Original KC barbecue, although those baby back ribs were probably cooked to fast and hot...

  2. ^^^This is why TKC is the bottom of the barrel. Worst people on the planet reside here.

  3. And here you are...


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