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Perspective on a tragic story of last rites and decorum that shocked the nation. Read more:

How should the funerals of suicide victims go? 12-22/23-18

A few weeks ago, an 18-year-old college freshman committed suicide. His funeral Mass was held at a church in Michigan, where the priest delivered a sermon that spoke frankly about suicide and that the family believed was terribly unfair and...


  1. The priest was an ass. I've known priests like that creep. They used to rule parishes like potentates, but Catholics are slowly waking up.

  2. ......maybe if Eve had not bitten into that pesky apple, like she was told not to, we wouldn't have these problems........
    Just ask the RCC.........

  3. The priest didn’t say anything that wasn’t the truth and it needs to be said. We need to to quit tap dancing around this subject.

  4. Fake News. Never happened that way. You can't trust Billy.

  5. Belief in Santa is the same as belief in a "god" who will fix everything in the end. What hokum! As your neighbor's house burns down in California: "God was with us." Yeah, but he didn't like your sinful neighbor, I guess. Little kids get cancer and idiots try to somehow get a benevolent "god" in the picture. HOGWASH !!!!!

    Religion is a crutch to help escape the harsh realities of life. Grow the fuck up.

  6. Doesn't matter what God thinks if the rulers don't rule. It's a lot of work and God never worked hard that hard so you hire a bunch of cops to beat the shit out of people, lock them up, build a bunch of prisons and jail, dump a bunch of heavy street drugs in the suburbs, angel dust in the urban core and things will run themselves for a couple of decades. Now the yellow vest in Paris have written a new chapter? Turns out to be a global shit storm coming, the weather is fucked and the economy is fucked and people on the bottom are pissed off everywhere.

  7. 4:14 is one of the haters from the kansas city atheist club. A really disgusting group of bigots imho.

  8. The Catholic Church has had a very dim view of suicide for nearly 2000 years. Had he killed himself 50 years ago the Church wouldn't have even offered to provide him a mass nor even a space in their cemeteries.

    The way churches work is you find the one that embraces your beliefs and join, not join a church them seek to change it's beliefs. If this family doesn't like the Catholic Church's views on suicide, find a church that does.


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