Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kansas City Faith Blogging The Big Question

An important question from this local faith scribe on the topic of human nature and our better angels or not. Read more:

Are humans hardwired for war? 12-15/16-18

In the early 1500s, the great reformer, Martin Luther, wrote this: "Cannons and fire-arms are cruel and damnable machines; I believe them to have been the direct suggestion of the Devil. If Adam had seen in a vision the horrible...


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Bill but this is one of his better posts.

Anonymous said...

Is Bill an atheist?

Anonymous said...


The question posed in the title is "Are Humans Hardwired For War?"

Name drops = 3
Martin Luther, R. Brian Ferguson, John Dryden

Does Tammeus attempt to answer the question he posed by taking a position and providing evidence? No

Does he remain mired in the middle-ground, wallowing in doubt but semi-safe by never choosing a side? Yes

"I quote Luther on war today not to get into an argument"
"And not to argue that cannons and fire-arms have their legitimate uses."
"there's no scientific proof"
"there is definitely controversy in the field"
"Perhaps he's on to something, perhaps not."
"I was born just before the end of World War II, have lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, smaller wars in such places as Grenada and then the Gulf War and the later wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter a conflict that had a justifiable beginning but seems unable to find any sort of end."
"it strikes me as almost irrelevant whether there is or isn't scientific proof that humanity is hardwired for war."
"perhaps we should trade in our kings. Maybe, in fact, for queens,"

Let's greatly condense Tammeus' rambling. Here's his real message: Are humans hardwired for war? Tammeus doesn't know, and doesn't much care. There have been a lot of wars in Tammeus' lifetime. Given the choice between a "queen" and a king, Tammeus identifies as a "queen" every time.

Anonymous said...

If Tammeus wasn't such a fucking fraud he'd have simply gone to the Bible for his answer instead of Luther. The Old Testament is cover to cover full of warfare and killing. But that would require actually reading the book itself, something Tammeus has probably never done.