Saturday, December 08, 2018

Kansas City Doggie News Collection

It's the weekend, so please allow us a quick glimpse at all of the Kansas City news related to puppers . . . Take a peek at local headlines both good and bad related to our canine friends . . .

Golden Ghetto Alleged Puppy Puncher Faces Serious Consequences
Johnson County man charged after allegedly punching puppy, causing it to lose eye
Bring Gomez Back To Kansas City

KC Couple's Beloved Dog Gone Missing in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A Kansas City couple is asking for the public's help to find their lost dog, which ran away from a friend's care in the St. Louis area, while they were on an ocean cruise.

Doggie Drama In The Stix

Authorities investigate deaths of 2 dogs in Douglas County

DOUGLAS COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating the deaths of two dogs. Authorities say Odin and MJ were found dead this week in southeastern Douglas County. The sheriff's says they were "killed this week by an unknown person or persons." They were family pets.

Local Doggie Survivor Story
Overland Park couple's terrier attacked in its own backyard by 2 neighbor dogs
Boozy Best Friend Party Notes

KC Wine Co- Dog Paws & Santa Claus | Kansas City Dog Club

RSVP Now Date Saturday, 22 Dec 2018 2:00 PM Venue KC Wine Co.13875 S Gardner Rd #1Olathe, KS 66061 View Map Grab your furry friends and join us for a dog friendly event at KC Wine Co. vineyard! Photo ops with Santa Claus from 2-4pm.

Team Effort To Train Doggies

KC Mavericks fostering dog training to become service animal for veteran

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new member of the Kansas City Mavericks is turning heads at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena and has already become a fan favorite. Mave, a four-month-old Weimaraner puppy, joined the team as a foster dog a few weeks ago and has already made an impression.

Home For The Holidays

Get 'Em Home KC Challenge This Weekend * KC Pet Project (KCPP™)

Our "Get 'Em Home KC" Challenge continues! Many dogs and cats have spent too many days in the shelter and are still waiting to find their forever families. This weekend is the perfect time to Get 'Em Home! Beginning Friday, December 7th, through Sunday, December 9th, all pets that have been with KC Pet Project...

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Anonymous said...

Kansas city cares more about mutts than most people.

That's fact.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ c'mon, you've seen downtown around rush hour. can you blame them?

Anonymous said...

That guy that punched that dog was just looking for some lunch.

Anonymous said...

What type of fukn half breed mongoloid is puppy puncher Kunkeo Meunxayakham? Where does that shit stain even come from with a fukd up name like that? Someone needs to shit in his bed then punch his lights out. Merry Christmas everyone.

Anonymous said...

Kunkeo Meunxayakham that's afterbirth, not a name. As above send this fucker back to whatever shithole he oozed out of, after knocking out an eye. OR let Cream kick the shit out of him to reinstate himself.

Anonymous said...

Kunkeo looks like he took a punch or two from his knowing mother as he grew up.

Anonymous said...

Kunkeo Meunxayakham...this piece of trash is probably Laotian. They have names like that. The asian cultures are abusive to animals. Its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Keep track of your tucking dogs. If they come into my space they will make a nice Korean meal.