Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kansas City December Foodie Hotness Guide

Feast is now the premier local foodie resource and this list of new places might help locals pretend they have some class or at least provide a fancy alternative from fast food fare. Checkit:

5 New Spots to Try in Kansas City: December 2018

Try fluffy-fresh biscuit sandwiches, impeccable cocktails, contemporary Italian fine dining, wood-fired chicken and even regional Filipino cuisine at these new Kansas City hotspots.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is just perfect for me because I'm just such a FOODIE!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ Um, I think you mean fattie!


Anonymous said...

Best Shit Food in abundance.

Visit CK!

Anonymous said...

^^easy pops. Stick to the tapioca and Metamucil. It's all you know.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Stick to your mama's tit. It's all you know. Unless it's grandpa's dick.

Anonymous said...

Check in with your proctologist pops, because your butt hurts!!!! Bwaaaaa!!!