Kansas City Dead-Tree Debate: Northeast News Blasts The Pitch Over Police Toys

Really great LOCAL MEDIA SLAPFIGHT in which community news calls out the party planners who took over the weekly "alt" paper, turned it into a magazine and filed the latest stories from 4 years ago. Checkit:

Anatomy of a Hack Piece

Once again our ol buddies over at The Pitch magazine have broken new ground in an attempt to remain relevant in today's ever changing world of Journalism. Their latest attempt entitled Cops in Toyland, is a completely one sided and often baseless hack piece designed to curry favor with their snowflake base by resurrecting the long dead topic of the so called militarization of police departments.


  1. The pitch hasn’t been relevant for decades, nobody even looks at that thing anymore

  2. Who reads that shit rag anymore? I heard closeted homos read child abuser pedo Dan Savages column hoping to pick up tips for gerbil care and their use in ass play.

  3. More excellent reporting from the Northeast News. They put other news outlets to shame. The Pitch, of course, is beyond shame.

  4. Ever since Craigslist and Backpage went online the only good use for the Pitch today is lining a birdcage or shredding as absorbent for a barf bag.

    Cops have cabbaged on to and availed themselves of military style equipment in this country ever since it was founded. These assholes need to get a grip.

  5. Yeah the pitch is lame and all but it is true we are seeing a militarized police in this country what clear-thinking person who is paying attention could deny this. Christ you can get pepper sprayed just for holding an opinion at a rally, just check out what is going on in St Louis with those four crooked indiced cops who stomped on that undercover black detective (and dozens of private citizens too) at a rally.

  6. Pepper spray is not a military hand me down.

    Police need weapons that are a notch better than the weapons the bad guy use. If they are several notches ahead, that's fine with me.

  7. police dont need so much as a corkscrew


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