Kansas City Craft Beer Crisis 2019

Hipster brew is taking a hit across the nation and here's a look at how a fad in decline now suffers cottage industry casualties. Checkit:

A Slowing Craft Beer Market Shrinks Demand For Locally Grown Hops

Back in 2010, there were high hopes in Colorado that locally grown hops, the plant that gives beer a bitter or citrusy flavor, would help feed the then booming craft beer market. In just six years, the industry sprouted from almost nothing to 200 acres, according to the trade association Hop Growers of America.


  1. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a new brew pub in KC.

  2. And more of them being built.

    Seems like every home brewer now thinks they're Anheiser Busch.

  3. Probably past time to take all the local breweries, pretentious coffee places, scooters, Sly and Hernandez, and all the other "yesterday's news" fabulous trends and fads, put them on THE streetcar, and send the whole laughable mess in the Missouri River.
    It's almost 2019 and surely there are brand new BIG BIG things coming our way!

    1. One thing you are guaranteed is feral yard apes killing each other

  4. What really pisses me off is when you try to buy local coffee or beer ect...and it always costs more. Like the Roasterie. $10.99 for a bag of coffee? Why does it cost more when you shipping costs are less locally? It should be cheaper in Kansas City.


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